2007 Conference Presentations

The following presentations have been granted permission to be shown on this page, and are not inclusive of those presented at the conference.
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pdf icon A1 – Joan Almost
The Impact of Situational and Individual Personality Variables on Nurse Managers’ Job Satisfaction

pdf icon A3 – Judy Rashotte
Building a Community of Practice A Nurses Supporting Nurses Program

pdf icon A4 – Stacey Grammick
Moving Clients Across the Seams Using Technology to Align Hospital and CCAC Systems

pdf icon A5 – Beverley Simpson
Nursing Leadership Development – Lessons from the Field

pdf icon B1 – Lori Adler
Partnering With Nursing Leaders to Address Systems Issues

pdf icon B3 – Margaret Calarco
Creating Empowered Practice Environments – The Application of Emerging Theories of Positive Change

pdf icon B4 – Katherine McGilton
Leadership in Long-Term Care

pdf icon C1 – Julia Scott
Nursing Human Resource Planning “The Other Side of the Looking Glass”

pdf icon C2 – Raquel Meyer
A Balancing Act Understanding & Optimizing Managerial Span

pdf icon C4 – Mary Boudart
The Introduction of Clinical Coaches to the Care Delivery Model

pdf icon C5 – Helga Bryant
Regionalization – The Lived Experience in Manitoba

pdf icon D2 – Ella Ferris
A Nursing Leadership Team’s Transformational Experience to Enhance Patient Safety and Work Culture

pdf icon D3 – Lindsay McLelland
Within Every Nurse There is a Leader…Developing Your Organization`s Future Leaders

pdf icon D4 – Sue Munro & Jane Pickard
How to Submit an Abstract

pdf icon E1 – Shannon Landry
Implementing Evidence Based Outcomes – The Opportunities and Challenges

pdf icon E4 – Marilyn St. John
Passing the Torch A Strategy to Foster Nursing Leadership Excellence

pdf icon E5 – Sara Lankshear
Influence is the Essence of Leadership

pdf icon F1 – Linda O’Brien-Pallas
Health Human Resources Modelling Challenging the Past, Creating the Future

pdf icon F2 – Bonnie Hall
Collaborative Working Relationships among Managers and an Advanced Practice Nurse

pdf icon F3 – Barbara Tiessen
Patient Safety Champions Leading Cultural Change

pdf icon F4 – Gladys Peachey
How to Manage Conflict

pdf icon NLN AGM 2007