Call for NLN.ON volunteers to assist with the leadership and management program

Dear NLN.ON Member, 

As you may know RNAO has launched a new Leadership and Management for Nurses Program targeted to all nurses in middle manager roles across all sectors. We are pleased with the response so far. Thank you for those who have responded.

The first program offering is for nurses in a manager or associate director role in the Long-Term Care (LTC) sector and middle managers in the hospital sector–including acute care, complex continuing care and rehabilitation. This offering commences September 14th, and those interested applied through an online application process. The selection and notification process concluded on August 4th, 2022.  In spring of 2023, we will offer the program for nurse middle managers in the home and community care and the primary care sectors. 

The attached document outlines information about the program including the topic areas and the teaching methodology. You can see the focus is on translation of knowledge to practice through cases and stories to help bring the content alive making sure it reflects today’s health care context.   We are delighted to announce that NLN.ON will be partnering with the RNAO Program Planning Team on developing and delivering the applied program aspects as it is offered across all sectors.

We would like to involve NLN.ON members, in helping with sector specific sessions as speakers; as facilitators of small group case study discussions; or as authors of short case studies based on your experience. These are described in more detail here.

Speaking sessions are for sector specific groups of 30 participants and involve a 20-minute presentation based on your experience related to the topic area and a 10-minute discussion period.

The facilitated small group discussions involve facilitating a 30-minute discussion with a small group of 5-7 participants as they discuss a sector specific case related to the topic. Your role is to introduce the session, monitor discussion, ensure key concepts are highlighted and conclude the session.  The case study and analysis will be provided. 

Providing a case study would consist of sharing a short 2 -3  paragraph case study or being involved in developing a video vignette related to a key topic. The Program Planning Team will work with you on this.

We welcome your engagement and will be delighted to hear about your interest in being involved in this exciting work!  Remember, your involvement can be limited to one or more topic areas: as a speaker, a facilitator of a small group discussion, or sharing a written case (anonymous) depicting an experience you had in the nurse middle manager role in any health sector.  Please note at this time we have the most needs in the hospital sector including acute care, complex continuing care and rehabilitation.  However, we are looking for help in all sectors.

The Leadership and Management for Nurses Program can best be strengthened by involving practicing nurse middle managers who can share stories of their own experiences and approaches to the realities and the challenges that are part of nurse middle manager roles. We hope you will be excited about helping other nurse middle managers learn the ropes of being effective leader managers. We look forward to working with you, and thanks for considering this opportunity.    

To help guide us in working together, attached is a link to a questionnaire for you to indicate the details and extent of your involvement.  We thank you for your interest in this way of contributing your leadership and management expertise, and for completing the short questionnaire by end of day August 30th, 2022.

NLN.ON Executive