NLN Award Recipients


Dorothy Wyle Graduate Education Award

A student in the Master of Nursing-Leadership in Professional Practice program at Western, Jessica is a nurse leader committed to her calling professionally, academically and personally. Her inclusive, authentic leadership practice is centred on kindness and empathy, which inform her efforts to co-create healthy work environments that support nurses’ well-being and reflect positive patient outcomes.


Dorothy Wyle Graduate Education Award

Ashley Ahuja is completing the combined Master of Nursing and Nurse Practitioner program at the University of Toronto with a collaborative specialization in Aging and the Life Course. Throughout her career, she has consistently been involved in leadership roles advancing the nursing profession. Ashley looks forward to driving policy and practice changes as a Nurse Practitioner. 

Undergraduate Nursing Education

2020 Lalezar Tuner
2018 Victoria Maich

Nursing Leadership Innovation Seed Grant

2020 Sarabeth Silver
2018 Rani Srivastava

Sue Matthews Exemplary Mentorship

2018 Gillian Strudwick
2016 Cindy Fajardo

NLN.ON Research

2021 Caroline Variath
2019 Leanne Jeffs
2017 Gillian Strudwick
2016 Sheila Boamah
2015 Barbara Chyzzy
2014 Zubeida Ramji
2013 Winnie Sun
2012 Kristine Newman
2011 Christine Jonas-Simpson
2010 Barbara Jones

Full Time

2017 Ash Alywin
2016 Alexandra Harris
2015 Crystal Frenette
2013 Leigh Chapman
2012 Jenni Glad Timmons
2011 Winnie Sun
2010 Barbara Chyzzy

Dorothy Wylie Fellowship

2022 Jessica Burford
2022 Ashley Ahuja
2021 Danielle Gray
2020 Katie Chapman
2019 Zohra Surani
2017 Angel He Wang
2016 Sherry Daigle
2015 Margaret Saari
2014 Emily Read
2013 Zubeida Ramji
2012 Michelle Foulkes
2011 Susan Bookey-Bassett
2010 Donna Rawlin

Student Nurse Education

2016 Krista Sferrazza
2015 Angel He Wang
2014 Monika Dalmacio
2013 Kristen Reid
2012 Emily Read
2011 Kate St. Amand
2010 Philiz Goh

Education Grant Part-Time

2013 Amanda Burcher
2012 Kate Zimmerman
2012 Margaret McCormack
2011 Adele Lane
2011 Rebecca McAlpine
2010 David Keselman
2010 Lesma Bartley