Nurse Empowerment Program

Participate this Spring in the Nurse Empowerment Program! Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing (SIGMA) has partnered with the Johnson & Johnson Foundation on a study to bring FREE leadership and nursing courses to frontline clinical registered nurses. The Canadian Nurses Association (CNA-AIIC) is proud to be able to make this program available … Read more

Nursing Resiliency

The wrath of the pandemic swept through our nation and continues to run rampant, testing our resiliency as nurses. Nurse leaders, we must continue to lead by example and remain a united front with our team. Nurses continue to be ranked as the most trusted professionals and the COVID-19 pandemic has further validated the reason … Read more

Diversity and Inclusion

New perspectives, new faces of leadership, new leadership styles, all can create new opportunities with more voices being heard. Diversity, inclusion, and equity are values central to advancing the mission of the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN); an organization recognized as the collective voice of academic nursing.1 We hear these terms all of … Read more

Nurse leadership during a crisis: ideas to support you and your team

Crisis leadership requires communication, a clear vision and values, and caring relationships. This article suggests ways to achieve this and examines the existing evidence and guidance. There are three central themes of crisis leadership: communication, clear vision and values, and caring relationships. During a crisis – such as the current coronavirus pandemic – these are … Read more