Nursing Resiliency

The wrath of the pandemic swept through our nation and continues to run rampant, testing our resiliency as nurses. Nurse leaders, we must continue to lead by example and remain a united front with our team.

Nurses continue to be ranked as the most trusted professionals and the COVID-19 pandemic has further validated the reason why. 1 Despite this fact, there is no denying that a severe workforce shortage in nursing continues to rise due to a combination of factors, many nurses are nearing retirement, fewer individuals are entering the nursing workforce, and nurses are leaving the profession due to burnout and unsatisfying work conditions. 2

As a nurse leader, you must maintain your resiliency and lead authentically. Authentic leadership describes a pattern of behavior in a leader that is characterized by efforts to help employees find meaning in their work; build optimism and commitment; encourage transparency and develop trusting relationships; and promote an inclusive and positive work environment.3

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Published by:
Maggie A. Smith, DNP, MSN/Ed, RN, OCN