2008 Conference Presentations

The following presentations have been granted permission to be shown on this page, and are not inclusive of those presented at the conference.
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pdf icon Panel Presentation – Nagle
Leading ChangeLeading ChangeThrough Information ManagementThrough Information Management

pdf icon Panel Presentation – Diane Salois Swallow
Leading Change through IMLHIN Perspective

pdf icon Panel Presentation – Dennis Ferenc
e-Health and Nursing

pdf icon Panel Presentation – Anne Trafford
eHealth and Information Management

pdf icon Opening Keynote – Uhl-Bien
Exploring Issues in Follower-Centered Perspectives on Leadership

pdf icon F4 – John
Succession Planning Community Hospital

pdf icon F3 – Thibeault
Going Paperless! Successful strategies for front line leaders implementing electronic documentation systems

pdf icon F1 – Bell
Transforming Culture through Care Practice and the Workplace

pdf icon E5 – Pedri Simpson
Gender Bias and Role Stereotyping in Nursing: The Impact and Potential Effect

pdf icon E4 – Ordowich
Using the RAI-MDS 2.0 to Enhance Care for Residents in Long-Term Care Homes in Ontario

pdf icon E2 – Bajnok
Supporting Nursing’s contribution to eHealth to Maximize Quality Patient Care and Outcomes

pdf icon E1 – Hitsman
Supporting integration of interdisciplinary care Supporting integration of interdisciplinary care through the use of technology through the use of technology-enabled systems enabled systems

pdf icon D2 – Mcgillis Hubley
Interruptions to Nursing Practice: How nurses are affected and what can be done.

pdf icon C4 – McCutcheon
Building Sustainable Nursing Resources in Rural Hospitals: Retaining New Recruits

pdf icon C3 – Smith
Evidence Journeys: Begin with a Canadian Source

pdf icon C2 – Simpson
Diverse Approaches to Building Capacity for Leadership

pdf icon C1 – Tracey
Integrating HOBIC: One LHIN’s Approach to Standardization

pdf icon B4 – van Soeren
Development of an Accord on the Nurse Practitioner Role in Ontario:Developing Models of Interdisciplinary Practice that Enhance Patient Care

pdf icon B2 – Veldhorst
Deep Democracy: The art of effective decision making, conflict prevention, and transformation

pdf icon B1 – Seddon
Creating Excellence in Clinical Practice and Healthy Work Environments through a RNAO Advanced Leadership Fellowship

pdf icon A4 – Clarke
Transforming the PCF Role

pdf icon A2 – Young-Ritchie
The Effects of Emotionally Intelligent Leadership on Emergency Staff Nurses Emergency Staff Nurses’ Structural Empowerment and Structural Empowerment and Commitment

pdf icon  A5 – Peachey
Conflict is a Fact of Organizational Life

pdf icon A3- Remus
Making eHealth a Clinical Priority for Nurse Leaders