Sue Matthews Exemplary Mentorship Award

2024 Sue Matthews Exemplary Mentorship Award Application

For the Sue Matthews NLN.ON award application

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Open communication and accessibility
Communication with mentors helps to gain confidence and motivates mentees to develop their potential; provision of supportive feedback; openness to questions; willingness to make time; approachable and non-judgmental.
A strong focus on goals and challenges
Provides challenging new experiences, sets clear goals and expectations – yet flexible; provides guidance; helps to raise bar of performance; focuses on the needs of the mentee – not the mentor.
Passion and inspiration
Inspires critical thinking, creativity and confidence; mentor conveys her/his own passion for leadership – they love what they do and it shows; opens the imagination as to what is possible.
Caring personal relationship
There is a mutual relationship and friendship; mentor takes a personal interest in the mentee; genuine interest in supporting success; the relationship is nurturing in nature.
Mutual respect and trust
Two-way confidence and respect for one another; mutual respect for each other’s ideas and points of view.
Exchange of knowledge
Ensure that mentee’s skills and knowledge Expand; convey knowledge in interesting ways, and has a real-world connection.
Independence and collaboration
Having the freedom to make mistakes; identifies the mentee as a colleague; allows for independence; provides for interactions with larger community and networks.
Role modeling
Mentors lead by example; share struggles and successes to reduce the intimidation factor; model ethical behavior.
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Your letter should be no more than 500 words describing how the nominee exemplifies the qualities of a great mentor, including specific examples for the various qualities, and how this mentor has impacted you in your role as a formal or informal leader.
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