Friday March 27, 2020

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7:30 – 8:00 NLN.ON Annual General Meeting (breakfast will be provided)
8:00 – 8:25 Networking Breakfast
8:25 – 8:30 Welcome: Prince Ballroom,
Sara Lankshear, PhD, RN, Conference Chair
8:30 – 8:35 Greetings: Prince Ballroom
Michael Villeneuve, RN, MSc,
8:35 – 8:45  Greetings: Prince Ballroom
Dr. Michelle Acorn, DNP, NP PHC/Adult, Provincial Chief Nursing Officer, Strategic Policy, Planning & French Language Services Division, Ministry of Health and Ministry of Long-Term Care
8:45 – 9:45 Panel Session: 
Prince Ballroom
9:45 – 10:00  Refreshment Break and Poster/Exhibit Viewing

10:00 – 10:45

F1: Connecting the Dots – Improving Caregiver and Healthcare Provider Experience Through Innovative Partnerships – Ontario Room
Mary Atkinson RN, BSc, MBA, CHE
F2: Team agreements improve trust and strengthen resilience by cultivating safe environments and enabling high performance – Princess Room
Lorrie Hamilton RN, BScN, MHSc
F3: Advancing a Digital Health Agenda for Nursing Leaders – North York Room
Peggy White, RN, MN
10:45 – 10:50 Stretch Break
10:50 – 11:35 G1: Building Resilience by Finding Joy in Work – Ontario Room
Annette Weeres RN, BScN, MN
G2: Adopting a “Bundled  Community” Approach to Integrated Care – Princess Room
Samantha Hennigar, RN BScN
G3: A new leadership imperative: Strengthening interprofessional collaborations between nurses, doctors and paramedics in home based community paramedic programs – North York Room
Jacqueline Limoges PhD RN
 11:35 -11:40 Stretch Break
11:40 – 12:25 Closing Keynote: Flip Side of Failing – Prince Ballroom 
Sarah McVanel, MSc, CSP, PCC, CHRL, CSODP
Chief Recognition Officer and Founder – Greatness Magnified
 12:25 – 12:30 Closing Comments – Prince Ballroom
Sara Lankshear, PhD, RN, Conference Chair
12:40 – 13:35 The Leadership Journey