Qualified Volunteers Needed


Information or Email Announcement to Potential Participants

Dear potential research volunteer,

            This announcement is being distributed within the Registered Nurses Association of Ontario and Canadian Nurses Association to solicit qualified volunteers who may be interested to participate in this study. Doctoral Candidate, Sharon Goodwin with the University of Phoenix, is conducting the study. Sharon is conducting the study as partial requirements for her Doctorate in Health Administration degree. Sharon’s doctoral dissertation is titled: MIXED METHODS, MODIFIED DELPHI STUDY: WHAT DIMENSIONS AND INDICATORS CAN DESCRIBE THE QUALITY OF NURSING CARE? (see abstract)

Although all interest in her work is appreciated, the study targets certain professionals. The inclusion criteria for expert candidates are as follows;

  1. They must be registered nurses (current registration with College of Nurses of Ontario).
  2. They must have a minimum educational preparation of a bachelor degree in nursing.
  3. They must have working knowledge and expertise in quality and nursing measurement evidenced by minimum five years experience in the quality measurement area or in management, have published in peer reviewed journals and/ or hold certifications in quality, lean or health informatics.
  4. They must have working knowledge of management and administrative usage of measurement, scorecards and quality data.

If you meet the above criteria and are interested in participating please send an email to goodwins@email.phoenix.edu advising of your interest. Participation in this study is strictly voluntary and all information acquired will be kept confidential, used in the study only in aggregate format with no reference to individual feedback. All materials will be kept in locked, secure storage.

Sharon is willing to speak to anyone interested who wishes further information. When you express interest an information package and consent to participate will be sent to you by email.

Thank you for your interest,

Sharon Goodwin RN(EC) MN DHA ©

Doctoral Candidate University of Phoenix





With increasing fiscal constraint in health care, the nursing profession is being challenged to quantify the value of nursing care to hospital administrators, boards, insurance companies and governments. The proposed study will address the lack of consensus in the nursing profession about how to measure the quality of nursing care. The specific problem is a lack of consensus on what dimensions of quality and what indicators within each dimension should be used to compare the quality of nursing care across healthcare organizations. Using a mixed method, modified Delphi approach the study will use an expert panel of nurses to gain consensus on a common set of dimensions of nursing quality and indicators of quality in each dimension for use across care settings. The study will occur in Ontario, Canada. A model for uniform measurement of nursing care, along with a nursing scorecard, would allow the nursing profession to communicate the value of care more clearly to other disciplines as well as the public (Swan, 2008). In addition, it would facilitate accurate comparison of nursing quality of care across organizations and would be useful in nursing management, health care policy and leadership decision-making. A nursing scorecard would provide a balance of indicators consistent with Kaplan & Norton’s (1996) balanced scorecard model.