NLN.ON Fall 2011 eNewsletter

Fall 2011

* Message from the President
* 2012 Conference – Call for Abstracts
* 2012 NLN.ON Education  and Research Awards
* The NLN.ON Conference 2011: An Inspiring Experience for a Nursing Student
* Call for nominations
* NLN Strategic Intentions Update
* Facebook and NLN.ON
* NLN Board welcomes Sara Lankshear RN PhD
* Update  from Linda MacLeod, NLN Board Member at Large –RNAO Board
* Board of Directors 2011-2012

Message from the President – Ken Allan

Ken Allan

I hope you have all enjoyed a pleasant summer. This Fall brings the added uncertainty of a provincial election. As a member of a professional community be sure to consider how you can be engaged in the political process. RNAO’s “Creating Vibrant Communities Document is an invaluable resource to help formulate questions for your local candidates.

There have been some exciting developments at NLN this summer.  The NLN research and education awards process is now on line and available on the website (WWW.NLN.ON.CA).  Candidates will be able to follow the progress of their application. NLN is also pleased to be supporting the mentorship of nursing leaders by offering a $2000 sponsorship for attendance at the Health Leader Institute.  Details will be available on our web site very shortly.

NLN representatives have been active in participating in a number of forums representing the Interest Groups membership (including the Chief Nurse Executive working group). The Network Executive is anxious to hear from you if you have any questions or concerns about the direction of the Interest Group. At the September Board meeting we reviewed NLN.ON’s strategic direction and the progress made on achieving objectives.  We will be refreshing our Strategic Directions as a Board this January.  Please feel free to share any thoughts that you might have regarding NLN.ON’s course by using the “contact us” button on the web site.

The conference planning committee is on track for organizing an excellent program for the Annual Leadership Conference on March 22 & 23rd. Please mark these dates on your calendars. Best wishes for a successful Fall.  Don’t forget to get out and vote.

Ken Allan
President NLN.ON

Our Vision


Inspiring, supporting, and advocating today for nursing leadership tomorrow.


NLN.ON is an interest group of the RNAO that inspires, promotes, and influences nursing leaders and nursing leadership through innovation, integration and collaboration.

2012 Conference – Call for Abstracts

This year’s Conference is being held at the Westin Prince Hotel in Toronto on March 22nd & 23rd, 2012. The theme is “Nursing Leadership Through a New Lens”. Please note that the deadline for submission is Friday October 21st. We look forward to receiving your submissions. Please be sure to pass this along to your network of colleagues.

[ Abstract Submission Information ] [ Submit Abstract Online ]

2012 NLN.ON Education  and Research Awards

Once again for 2012 Nursing Leadership Network of Ontario (NLN.ON) is offering Education and
Research Awards with a total of $8500 available. Application deadline is November 1, 2011

[ Awards Information on Website ]

[ Download Awards Application Information ] [ Submit Application Online ]

The Nursing Leadership Network Conference, 2011:
An Inspiring Experience for a Nursing Student

My name is Kate St. Amand and I am a new-graduate Registered Nurse. In March, 2011 as I was completing the final year of my nursing degree I nominated myself for the NLN Student Nurse Education Award and submitted an abstract to the 2011 NLN conference. The abstract was accepted and to my delight I was also notified that I won the award. I would facilitate a round table discussion and accept the award at the 2011 NLN conference in Toronto.

The decision to submit an abstract to the NLN conference was not mine alone. My pre-consolidation placement was with the Nursing Secretariat and the University Health Network (UHN) where I learned and experienced nursing policy development with a focus on the innovative Ontario Nursing Workforce Alliance program. I worked with inspiring nursing mentors who encouraged me to share my experience as a student nurse immersed in nursing policy development and implementation. With the guidance of these nursing mentors, I developed an abstract and submitted it to the NLN.

The award application was also a collaborative process, and I would not have qualified to apply for the award without the ongoing guidance and support of the faculty in the Trent-Fleming School of Nursing. The instructors who shared their knowledge and engaged me in my nursing education helped me to become eligible for such an award. I also reached out to an instructor and to a preceptor for references for the award itself.

My experience at the conference was nothing short of inspiring! I was intrigued to find myself in the company of so many nursing leaders who shared my passion for political leadership in nursing practice. I eagerly listened to the speakers discuss how nurses can lead in order to ensure the sustainability of our public health care system.

In the round table, I was fortunate to have participants ranging from student nurses, experienced nurses, policy analysts, nursing scholars and even a Provincial Chief Nursing Officer! The conversation was rich and intense and I took away ideas that continue to inform my research and my nursing practice.

On the final day of the conference, accepting the award was a humbling experience. I felt honoured to be included with nurses who work tirelessly to lead and to make a difference in the lives of nurses and the people and communities for whom we care. At the award ceremony, I sat with nursing leaders from UHN. The networking that I did at that conference contributed to my achievement of a full-time, permanent nursing job immediately following my graduation from the nursing program.

If I could make one recommendation to all nurses and student nurses it would be to always respect one another, make time for one another, and continue to learn from one another. My greatest experiences in nursing have come from reaching out to nursing leaders and finding them welcoming and receptive to my questions, my thoughts and my desire to become a better nurse. Being a member of the Registered Nurses Association of Ontario and the Nursing Leadership Network put me in touch with nursing leaders and enabled me to see the great achievements that can be made in nursing. I encourage all nursing students and nurses to be active in our professional associations, to reach out, and to respond with respect and compassion to our nursing colleagues.

Call for nominations
The term of office for the NLN.ON Board Member currently representing the following regions (identified by RNAO Chapter) will end at the close of the 2012 NLN.ON AGM. Board Members who have represented these areas for one term (two years) have the option to let their name stand for one more term.  The President-Elect and Nursing Education/Research positions also need to be filled for the next term.

– Regions 1 & 2
(Essex Chapter, Lambton Chapter, Chatham-Kent Chapter, Huron Chapter, Perth Chapter, Oxford Chapter and Middlesex Elgin Chapter)

– Regions 3 & 4
(Brant-Haldimand Norfolk Chapter, Hamilton Chapter, Niagara Chapter, Halton Chapter, Peel Chapter, Wellington Chapter and Waterloo Chapter)

– Region 6 & 7
(Toronto West and Toronto East)

– President-Elect

– Director Education and Research

1. If you are interested or wish to nominate someone please fill in the [ Nomination Form ].
2. All current NLN.ON members are eligible to nominate someone for the position of “President Elect” and the Director of Education. In order for a candidate to be eligible to be nominated for “President – Elect”, the candidate must have served at least one two year term in an elected position on the NLN.ON Board during the past six years.
3. Only members from the Regions with vacancies may nominate a candidate for the position of “Regional Director”.
4. Following receipt of nominations by the February 15th deadline, if an election is required for any, or all, of the positions, then ballots will be sent out.
6. Results of the elections will be announced at our 2012 Annual Meeting, scheduled at the March 2012 annual conference at the Westin Prince Hotel, Toronto in conjunction with our Annual Spring Conference.

Please take the time to consider nominating a capable and committed nursing leader. NLN.ON will continue to remain vibrant and strong with the involvement of a dedicated Board of Directors.


NLN Strategic Intentions Update

The latest update to the 2010-2011 NLN Strategic Intentions document is now posted on the website.

Facebook and NLN.ON

Nursing Leadership Network (NLN) is live on Facebook (FB)! Many NLN members have access to FB at home, on a personal device and some can access at work.   Check out the NLN page or “Like”  our posts. “Share” the page with colleagues on FB. Start a discussion.

Once you “Like” us you will receive posts on your wall as they happen!

What better way to stay in touch and connected than through this social media tool!

NLN Board welcomes Sara Lankshear RN PhD

Sara Lankshear

Here is Sara’s personal message to NLN members:

As a long time NLN member, I am thrilled to have the opportunity to act as your Representative for Regions 5 & 8.  I have been an NLN member since 1986 and have greatly benefited from the mentorship and friendships developed with NLN colleagues throughout the years.  Hence, my personal philosophy can best be described as “Pay it Forward” …. the best way to benefit from something is to contribute to it!  

Due to the vast and diverse geographic nature of Regions 5 & 8, Nursing leaders experience unique challenges and opportunities within and across the various sectors. I hope that you will feel free to contact me with any questions / concerns you have that you feel should be brought forward to the NLN Board.  

I also welcome the opportunity to meet with you and/or attend forums where nursing leaders come together. My dissertation research focused on professional practice leadership roles and how factors such as organizational power, influence can impact role effectiveness and the practice environments – important factors within any practice setting or sector and areas that I am very passionate about!

I hope that my current role as NLN Board Representative along with my roles on the RNAO Board (Region 5 representative) and as President, Professional Practice Network of Ontario would enable me to tap into the perspectives of nursing (and non-nursing) leaders not only within Regions 5 & 8, but across Ontario.

I look forward to hearing from you!
Sara Lankshear RN, PhD
Phone: 705-533-0778

Update  from Linda MacLeod, NLN Board Member at Large –RNAO Board

NURSES’ WEEK: Nurses’ Week Events throughout the province such as “take your MPP to work”, many speaking engagements with nurses regarding the political actions taken and needed regarding the need for nurse leadership in making a better health care system.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Premier’s announcements following RNAO advocacy : NPs will have the authority to admit and discharge in hospitals and  all 37 public health units are required to appoint CNOs by next year.  The change in the leadership structure for public health is another advance in nursing leadership in health, following mandating CNEs as full members of hospital boards and the formation of strong quality committees (as of Jan 2011), making for better patient care and a more effective health care system.

MEMBERSHIP: There is a stronger focus on increasing membership this year.  Strong Membership = A Strong Voice = Healthy Public Policy .   We see nurses taking ownership now—through email communication strategies, all candidate events planned by regions and chapters and other events hosted by Workplace Liaisons and nursing student leaders. We are currently at approximately 32,000 and the target is 35,000. The Board and all nurse leaders are being encouraged to speak to students in their local nursing schools about the benefits of participating in their professional association.

ADVOCACY:  New mayor of Toronto rejected provincial funds to hire 2 fully funded public health nurses.  3315 RNAO members responded with ACTION ALERTS  and in August, Toronto’s budget council voted to accept a second provincial offer to pay for 3 new PHNs.

SAFER HEALTHCARE NOW! : RNAO continues to work in partnership to support Falls Intervention at the national level. Currently, RNAO is leading a national Falls Facilitated Learning Series (an 8 month program for quality improvement teams wanting to focus on the sustainability of their falls prevention activities.

RNAO hosted the annual Nursing Career Expo in May, and at that expo, launched the new “Careers in Nursing” website—a “one stop shop” for information about nursing as a career, and for nurses inquiring about enhanced education or career options.

REMINDER:  International Nursing Conference in Jerusalem June 4-7 2012

NLN.ON Membership

As an Interest Group of the RNAO, all our full standing members must be members of our professional association. Our fee for 2011/12 is $55.00. This fee will be payable to the RNAO when you join our Interest Group.

To join the NLN.ON please contact RNAO in Toronto at (416) 599-1925 or Toll Free 1-800-268-7199 and ask for their Membership Services Department. Please indicate that you wish to join The Nursing Leadership Network of Ontario Interest Group.


Board of Directors 2011-2012

Ken Allan

Director, Health Protection
Thunder Bay District Health Unit
999 Balmoral Street
Thunder Bay, ON P7B 6E7

Phone: (807) 625-5955

Victoria Lucas 
President Elect, NLN.ON

Business Director Surgery, Ambulatory Care and Rehab Programs
Bluewater Health
220 North Mitton Street
Sarnia, ON  N7T 6H6

Phone: (519) 464-4400

Sue Roger
Past President, NLN.ON

Business Director, Medical Programs
Bluewater Health
89 Norman St.
Sarnia, Ontario
N7T 6S3

Phone: (519) 464-4400  x8264

Janice Wilmott

Region 1&2 Director

Interim Program Director, Surgery
Chatham-Kent Health Alliance
80 Grand Ave, PO Box 2030
Chatham, ON  N7M 5L9

Phone: (519) 352 6401 x6575

Donna Rothwell
Region 3 & 4 Director

Chief Nursing & Professional Practice Officer
Niagara Health System
65 Third Street
Welland, ON, L3B 4W6

Phone: (905) 378-4647

Sara Lankshear
Region 5 & 8 Director and Secretary

Relevé Consulting Services
280 Silver Birch Drive
Penetanguishene, Ontario L9M2H7

Phone: (705) 533-0778

Donna Woodhams
Treasurer, NLN.ON
Region 6 & 7 Director

Project Manager
Rouge Valley Health System
2867 Ellesmere Road
Toronto, ON M1E 4B9

Phone: (416) 284-8131 x 4507

Heather Arthur
Region 9 & 10 Director

Chief Clinical Officer
Cornwall Community Hospital

Phone: (613) 938-4240 x 4277

Pat Piaskowski
Region 11&12 Director

Network Coordinator for Northwestern Ontario Infection Control Network
289 Munro Street
Thunder Bay
ON P7A 2N3

Toll free: 1-866-706-7426
Phone: 807-683-1747

Kim Alvarado
Director of Education & Research, NLN.ON

Director, Surgical Oncology & Orthopedics
Hamilton Health Sciences
711 Concession St.
Hamilton, ON L8V 1C3

Phone: (905) 521-2100 x 42185

Linda MacLeod
Admin at Large, Nursing Administration RNAO, NLN Board

Program Developer, Residential Hospice
VON Grey Bruce
1280 20th Street East
Owen Sound, On N4K 6H6

Phone: (705) 422-2384

Sumi Shanmuganathan
Student Executive Member NLN

Phone: (705) 559-2229

Elizabeth Nemeth
Ex Officio & Conference Chair

Consultant and Clinical Practice Manager
Healthtech Inc.
210 Glencairn Avenue
Toronto, Ontario
M4R 1N2

Phone: (416) 483-5974