NLN.ON eNewsletter – Winter 2010

Winter 2010

* President’s Remarks
* Editor’s Note
* Communications Update
* Consultation with RNAO
* NLN Strategic Intentions
* Nominations Committee
* Research and Education Awards
* 2010 Conference Update
* Info Finders – Ethical Decision Making
* Board Member Feature – Vicky Lucas
* Survey Contest Winner

Message from the President – Liz Nemeth

It’s January 2010, and with that follows all those resolutions we’ve made and perhaps even broken already!  Regardless, there is something about this time of year that seems to be liberating; somehow imagining that by setting forth with new resolutions, the failures and disappointments of the past year vanish and with these new resolutions, we are suddenly filled with promise and time…365 days stretching out in front of us!

There is something quite transformative and remarkably powerful about the chance to start-over, to right the wrongs and promise to do things better the next time around.  Resolutions start out as good intentions early on in the year for most of us.  However, at some point during the year (and I’m sure you can all attest to this), we realize that we’ve mentally give up on the resolutions.  Art Petty, (Management Excellence, 2009) has the following advice for leaders:

Effective leaders teach themselves to think and observe with the following questions in mind:

* How am I positively and negatively impacting the performance of my team members?
* What are people telling me (directly and indirectly) about my performance?
* Are people comfortable offering suggestions on how I can help?
* How do people respond to me?  Do they shrink or grow in my presence?
* What is the quality of my various interactions? Are we tackling or skirting the tough issues?
* Do people treat me with deference or respect?
* Do my practices stimulate creativity or drive compliance?
* Are there new ideas and suggestions for improvements flowing from the team?

In essence, effective leaders are often motivated with a constant sense of renewal, driven by an intense desire to succeed and to help others succeed.  While not every effective leader thinks in the exact language and terms of the questions above, they do think in terms of the same issues: What’s working? What’s not? What can I do better?

The great news about being a leader now, no matter what environment you work in, is that you alone control the ability to do the right things.  Every day and every encounter provides the opportunity to improve.  While this piece of advice may seem quite rudimentary, setting a goal, making a plan, actually taking the time to write it down, soliciting the support of others and then actually taking action are some basic steps that will get you on your way to making your resolution a lasting lifestyle change!

Editor’s Note

NLN is taking another exciting step forward with January newsletter.  Members are receiving an up-to-date report of regarding NLN activities including the AGM, Annual Conference and Strategic Plan. Please fee free to send any comments using the “Contact Us” button on the web site.  Your comments, suggestions and submissions regarding leadership are always welcome.

This installment of the NLN newsletter includes an InfoFinders search of Ethical Decision Making Frameworks.  Dealing with challenges posed by this fall by H1N1 influenza underscored the need to for having robust decision making processes in place.  All the best in 2010 as we go forward and encounter new opportunities to better serve our communities.

Ken Allan

Our Vision


Inspiring, supporting, and advocating today for nursing leadership tomorrow.


NLN.ON is an interest group of the RNAO that inspires, promotes, and influences nursing leaders and nursing leadership through innovation, integration and collaboration.


Communications Update

NLN is taking another exciting step forward with the January enewsletter.  In this edition, Members are receiving an up-to-date report on NLN activities including the AGM, Annual Conference and the January Board meeting. Please fee free to send any comments using the “Contact Us” button on the web site.  Your comments, suggestions and submissions regarding leadership are always welcome.

The Board was presented with the findings of this Fall’s Communication Survey.  We are looking into the feasibility of incorporating the recommendations from the Communications Working Group.  Suggestions included:

* maintaining a quarterly electronic newsletter
* using social media to communicate with NLN members (i.e., Facebook)
* use podcasting for audio and video clips to share content from the annual conference
* webcast regional events to the entire membership
* development of our Web site for one stop shopping for leadership resources was also discussed.

The Working Group also recommends that the membership be survey after changes are implemented to evaluate satisfaction with communication processes.

Consultation with RNAO

The NLN Board had a teleconference consultation with RNAO president Wendy Fucille. The executive discussed opportunities for working collaboratively on leadership issues.

NLN Strategic Intentions

The NLN Strategic Intentions were reviewed as a standing item at the January Board meeting.  The membership will be updated on the progress of the Strategic Plan at the annual meeting.

Nominations Committee

The term of office for the NLN.ON Board Member currently representing the following regions (identified by RNAO Chapter) will end at the close of the 2010 NLN.ON AGM. Board Members who have represented these areas for one term (two years) have the option to let their name stand for one more term. The President-Elect and Nursing Education/Research positions also need to be filled for the next term.

Regions 1 & 2
Regions 3 & 4
Region 6 & 7
Chair Nursing Education/Research Awards

If you are interested in any of the positions please follow the link below.

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Research and Education Awards

The Board received recommendations from the Research and Education Awards Committee. All award categories have qualified applicants.  Award recipients will be recognized at the NLN Annual Conference in March.

2010 Conference – Leading with Confidence and Creativity

Sharing leadership innovations, strategies, and research findings that will guide healthcare leaders and administrators in leading change in future healthcare systems.

Westin Prince Hotel, Toronto
March 25 & 26, 2010

Featuring renowned Keynote Speaker Dr. Tim Porter-O’Grady.

It is tremendously exciting to report that registration forms are starting to trickle for NLN’s Annual Conference.  Be sure and register soon to be ensured a spot.

[ Download Brochure ] [ Register Online ]

InfoFinders- Recommended Reading for Nurse Leaders.

This issue’s topic is “Ethical Frameworks for Decision-Making”. References have been selected by InfoFinders to provide readers with various perspectives published within scholarly journals over the last few years.

Many Canadian nursing leaders have discovered the value InfoFinders can add to a project.  The company searches the published and grey literature, using electronic databases and the Internet to identify best practices and to assist in using the research to provide support and validate evidence-based projects. They can also identify experts and conduct key informant interviews to jumpstart organizational projects.

Experienced RNs review the information, select citations and filter down to a manageable amount of information. Our clients include health consultants, hospitals, associations, and universities.

Read more…


Featured Board MemberVictoria Lucas RN, BScN, BA, MScN

Victoria Lucas is an accomplished Nursing Administrator offering more than 25 years of progressive and documented success in effective change management, fiscal planning and project management.  

Currently she is the Business Director – Surgical Programs, Ambulatory Care, Rehab Program and Allied Health at Bluewater Health in Sarnia. Other varied positions she has held are Director of Professional Practice, Manager Rural Health, Administrator Lambton County Homes for Aged, Director Resident Services and Coordinator Alzheimer Program.  

Vicki received her Master of Science in Nursing, Administration from the University of Western Ontario, London in 2007. She completed a research masters degree with a 3 year study examining the variables, span of control, staff nurse empowerment, and emotional intelligence.

She has been on the board for the last 2 years as Region 1& 2 representative. Last year she acceptable the new position of Membership Secretary for the NLN and has been implementing structure for this position for the board.

Vicki says “t is a privilege to represent the nurse leaders of our province. I have been a member for many years and still feel the NLN conference offers the most current and timely information for nursing colleagues”   

Publications and Presentations include:  

Lucas, V., Laschinger, H. K. S., Wong, C. (2008). The impact of emotional intelligence leadership on staff nurse empowerment: The moderating effect of span of control. Journal of Nursing Management, 16, 964-973.

Lucas, V., Laschinger, H. K. S.., Wong, C. (2008, March). Impact of span control on manager leadership style and staff nurse empowerment. Poster presented at the 29th Annual Conference for Health Care Leaders and Administrators, Toronto, ON.

Lucas, V., Laschinger, H. K. S., Wong, C. (2007, April). The impact of span control on manager leadership style and staff nurse empowerment. Paper presented to Iota Omicron Chapter/School of Nursing 20th Annual Research Conference, London, ON

Communication Survey Contest Winner

Thank you to everyone who took the the time to provide feedback to the NLN Communication Working group.

Congratulations to Susan Pilatzke.  Participants in the NLN communications survey had the opportunity to win a complimentary registration to the 2010 NLN annual conference.  Susan’s name was randomly selected from the pool of survey respondents.  As a former NLN president Susan is very familiar with our interest group.

Susan Pilatzke joined the North West LHIN on September 10, 2007 as a Senior Integration Consultant. In her current role she is responsible for activities related to health system integration. Susan has extensive professional leadership experience in acute care, long-term care, community care, not-for profit agency care and ambulatory care with most recently her work as Director of Clinical Oncology Systems for the Integrated Cancer Program at Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre. Susan has extensive knowledge about health care delivery systems, integrated models of care, and she is committed to building relationships, fostering strategic alliances and partnerships.

NLN.ON Membership

As an Interest Group of the RNAO, all our full standing members must be members of our professional association. Our fee for 2009/10 is $55.00. This fee will be payable to the RNAO when you join our Interest Group.

To join the NLN.ON please contact RNAO in Toronto at (416) 599-1925 or Toll Free 1-800-268-7199 and ask for their Membership Services Department. Please indicate that you wish to join The Nursing Leadership Network of Ontario Interest Group.


Board of Directors 2009-2010

Eizabeth Nemeth RN, BScN, MN
President, NLN.ON

Manager, Clinical Practice
Healthtech Consultants Inc.
144 Front Street West, Ste 300
Toronto, Ontario
M5J 2L7

Phone: (416) 483- 5974 ex. 46

Sue Roger
President-Elect, NLN.ON

Business Director, Medical Programs
Bluewater Health
89 Norman St.
Sarnia, Ontario
N7T 6S3

Phone: (519) 464-4400  x8264

Lynda Bobinski
Past President, NLN.ON

Manager Oncology Nursing Services, Outpatient Unit & Surgical Oncology
Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre
980 Oliver Road
Thunder Bay, ON, P7B 6V4

Phone: (807) 684-7241


Ken Allan
Region 11 & 12 Director

Director, Health Protection
Thunder Bay District Health Unit
999 Balmoral Street
Thunder Bay, ON P7B 6E7

Phone: (807) 625-5955

Kim Alvarado
Director of Education & Research, NLN.ON

Director, Surgical Oncology & Orthopedics
Hamilton Health Sciences
711 Concession St.
Hamilton, ON L8V 1C3

Phone: (905) 521-2100 x 42185

Sherri Huckstep
Region 5 & 8 Director and Secretary

Executive Director, Operations and Chief of Practice VON Canada, Ontario
VON Canada
246 Pringle Drive
Barrie, ON
L4N 0P4

Phone: (705) 726-5169


Victoria Lucas
Region 1&2 Director

Business Director Surgery, Ambulatory Care and Rehab Programs
Bluewater Health
220 North Mitton Street
Sarnia, ON, N7T 6H6

Phone: (519) 464-4400

Donna Rothwell
Region 3 & 4 Director

Interim Chief Nurse Executive & VP Patient Services
Niagara Health System Wellland Hospital Site
65 Third Street
Welland, ON L3B 4W6

Phone: (905) 378- 4647

Julia Scott
Admin at Large,
Nursing Administration RNAO plus ex-officio, NLN Board

Clarendon Enterprises
82 Emmeloord Crescent
Markham, ON L3R 1P8

Phone: (905) 470-1595


Joy Peacock
Region 9 & 10 Director

Program Manager, General, Vascular and Cardiac Surgery
Kingston General Hosptial
76 Stuart Street
Kingston, ON K7L 2V7

Phone: (613) 549-6666 x6813

Donna Woodhams
Treasurer, NLN.ON
Region 6 & 7 Director

Manager , Operating Room, Post Anesthetic Care Unit, and Central Processing Department
Rouge Valley Health System
2867 Ellesmere Road
Toronto, ON M1E 4B9

Phone: (416) 284-8131 x 4507