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Effective governance depends on the right mixture of skills, experience, personal qualities and diversity among the members of a Board. Through the nomination and election process, directors reflect a complimentary balance of experience, knowledge and skills that can contribute to the ongoing success of NLN.ON.

Positions available

Director of Education and Research
(2) Director positions


1. Must meet the qualifications as stated in the relevant role description

2. Direct experience in a leadership role (formal and informal) within any of the domains of nursing practice (clinical, administrative, education, research or policy)

3. Direct experience in a leadership role (formal and informal) within any of the various sectors or practice settings (public health, primary care, acute care, complex continuing care, rehabilitation, long term care, and/or community/home care


1. Nominations must be received no later than MONDAY FEBRUARY 24, 2020 @ 2100.

2. All nominations should be sent electronically to the attention of the Chair, Nominations Committee via

3. The person nominated must be an NLN member in good standing for the year 2020, who is willing to carry out the obligations of the office to which she/he may be elected

4. Candidates require the signatures of TWO nominators who must be NLN members in good standing for the year 2020

5. Members can run for only one (1) position in the elections

6. All nominations should must a short biography of the candidate of not more than 250 words which covers

     a. Expression of interest: why you are interested in serving on the NLN Board

     b. Background: Brief description of education and experiences that will contribute to your effectiveness as a member of the Board.

7. Nominations must include a head and shoulders photograph of each candidate.

8. Information about a candidate and her/his photograph will be posted on the NLN website, during the voting period ahead of the AGM. If you wish to have a video-clip available for members to view, please limit to 2 minutes maximum and submit by the deadline.

9. Candidates must participate in candidate webinars to be scheduled


This nomination form must be correctly completed to nominate a candidate to one of the above-noted vacant director positions.

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