D4: Learning to Pivot – community care during COVID; what to do when face to face care is not an option

When COVID hit, nursing care volumes dropped 30% in the home care environment. This was partially due to cancellation of hospital procedures that would normally require care, but also a large portion was due to client preference, a decision resulting out of fear. This meant clients who could and should receive care, were declining nursing visits due to the fear of catching COVID. Knowing that vulnerable clients could not afford to miss care, SE Health quickly pivoted and launched a new model of tele-practice care, ensuring that the most high risk vulnerable clients remained connected to the health system receiving nursing care and education.

Mary Lou Ackerman, BScN, MBA, FIEL, Vice President of Innovation and Digital Health, SE Health

Mary Lou is a long-term employee at SE Health and a founding member of SONSIEL (Society of Nursing Scientist, Innovator, and Entrepreneur Leaders), executive Board Member and President Elect. Her background is extensive – she has led the development and implementation of many health transformation projects, innovations and partnerships. Mary Lou joined SE Health early on in her nursing career, and she has augmented her clinical background with a graduate business degree and significant experience with health informatics and technologies. Mary Lou has a passion for innovation combined with a desire to advance care by creating innovative service models supported by digital health technologies leading to a future that will provide a personalized, accessible, meaningful health experience for individuals, their families and the service providers that support them.
Most recently Mary Lou has coauthored two books: The Future of Aging and The Rebel Nurse Handbook: Inspirational Stories by Shift Disruptors.

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