A4: Harm Reduction Nursing in Action: Mobile Addictions Medicine on Saugeen First Nation

The goal of this project was to increase RAAM supports to be available in the Saugeen First Nation community. This goal was met in November 2020 when a RAAM clinic was opened in Saugeen. This important service was then moved into a groundbreaking mobile model in June 2021 in response to the COVID-19 outbreak within this community. Staff and physicians began meeting clients at their homes and delivering medications right to the doorstep, thus eliminating barriers to treatment! The service was well-received by the community and patients. Some Saugeen community members have reported improvements in their health, lives and relationships as a result of these services. These important supports have allowed several clients to improve their health, allowing them to enroll in school and attend employment.

Amie Foster RP, Manager of Mental Health and Addictions, Brightshores Health System

Amie is a registered psychotherapist and Manager of Mental Health and Addictions at Brightshores Health System. She has 18 years of experience working in Mental Health and Addictions in an outpatient setting. Amie was part of the start of the Mobile RAAM program in Saugeen First Nation as a front line employee and is excited to share this journey as a co-presenter.

Keri Aitken Toby RN, Brightshores Health System

Keri is a graduate of the school of Nursing at University of Ottawa class of ’99. She has been fortunate to have had experienced many areas of nursing but in the last 5 years has been focused on Mental Health and Addictions, bringing her much professional and personal fulfillment. She lives with her spouse of 20 years and 2 boys.


Naomi Vodden, Director, BSHS. Robyn Nocilla, BScN MSc NP-PHC, BSHS.

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