Nursing Leadership Network President Address

A Note of Professional Reflection

Recently, I had the distinct pleasure of listening to NLN.ON’s past president, Donna Rothwell, present a keynote address on leadership.  There is little doubt that nursing is facing a crisis where we will take time to recover.  A spotlight should remain on our crisis to develop collective strategies to respond.

I would however like to share thoughts of my observations from within our nursing community.  Donna’s address highlighted through data and sharing of personal stories that despite our current plight, the nursing profession still shines brightly.  This is emphasized through constant innovation and collaboration.  Despite a shift with increased demands from all facets of our respective roles, we continue to lead the way forward even when the load we carry feels heavier than ever.

An example involves recent conference sessions I attended where nurses presented plans and ideas on recruitment and retention. This was offered by NURSES at unit, organization, and provincial levels. Alongside these strategies, there were presentations on how best to support and prepare our future nurses by partnering with schools of nursing with early integration strategies.

Closer to home, NLN.ON is partnering with RNAO to develop and implement a Leadership and Management Program. Many of our members have volunteered to facilitate sessions and present case study discussions. We have also volunteered to mentor our new leaders in the program.  We continue to reach out for volunteers to facilitate and mentor! Sustainability of this program is vital! 

As we enter the fall season, I am reminded of transitions.  With the constant ebb and flow of healthcare, I am invigorated to see nursing continue to lead from where we stand.  I have never been prouder to be a nurse.

Donna Leybourne
NLN.ON President