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The Nursing Leadership Network of Ontario recognizes that mentorship is a key strategy to support nurses through all stages of their nursing career. Whether a novice nurse or an experienced nurse leader, mentorship can be a great way to enhance skills and knowledge and support career advancement. Additionally, mentorship has been shown to increase nursing satisfaction and ultimately nursing retention (Block, Korow & McKafferty, 2005).

The CNA (2004) states, "Mentoring involves a voluntary, mutually beneficial and usually long-term professional relationship. Typically in a mentorship relationship one person is an experienced and knowledgeable leader (mentor) who supports the maturation of a less-experienced person with leadership potential (mentee)" (p. 24). Mentorship can be both personally and professionally rewarding and has been shown to support improved patient outcomes (Race & Skees, 2010). So why not give mentorship a try?


Several resources are available to promote, educate and support mentorship relationships in nursing. Sigma Theta Tau and the de Souza Institute are two organizations that utilize unique mentoring programs that advocate for an environment supportive of nurses where professional and personal growth is fostered. Find out more about these mentorship resources at;

Canadian College of Healthcare Leaders Mentorship Program:

This website offers many great resources related to coaching, mentorship and career development. Information about upcoming workshops and conferences is also provided.


A number of resources, within nursing and other professions, are available to support the development of mentorship programs and/or support existing mentorship relationships. Resources, such as toolkits, range from supporting a new nurse transitioning into practice to supporting the transitioning to formal leadership positions. The following links are only some of the toolkits you may find helpful to get you started on a mentorship journey as a mentor or a mentee.

 Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario. RNAO’s Framework for Nurse Executive Leadership.

Available at:

  • This toolkit includes a framework for leadership, and a variety of resources such application forms, template for needs analysis, mentorship agreement, pathway and self-assessment forms, review and evaluation forms

ANDSOOHA: Public Health Nursing Management and Public Health Research, Education, and Development Program. Caring, connecting and empowering – A resource guide for implementing Nursing Mentorship in Public Health units in Ontario.

Available at:

  • This resource provides direction on organizational considerations for implementing a mentorship program, becoming a mentor, becoming a mentee, and becoming a mentorship champion..

Human Resources Professional Association, York Chapter. Mentorship Guide 

Available at:

  • This guide provided suggestions for initiating a mentorship relationship (such as agenda and questions to consider), mentorship plan template, addresses importance of feedback providing and receiving, and provides suggestions for ending the mentorship relationship provided

Recognizing the importance of mentorship in nursing, the Nursing Leadership Network of Ontario has been exploring how to offer mentorship opportunities to its members. A full update on this planning was shared at the NLN Conference in March, 2014.

Judy Shearer, Mentorship Lead, NLN

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