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The Nursing Leadership Network of Ontario today

The Nursing Leadership Network of Ontario (NLN.ON) is your voice for nursing leadership in Ontario. NLN.ON works collaboratively with RNAO in providing and shaping the support needed by nurse leaders and administrators in the province. NLN.ON is committed to linking strategically with nurse leaders across the province in order to influence the future direction of health care.

The Board of Directors is composed of representatives from across the province as well as a nursing education representative. A strong link has been established with other RNAO Interest Groups, the Assembly of Presidents and the Board. In concert with RNAO, NLN.ON provides a forum for creating an environment which fosters a strong voice for nursing as a profession in the province.

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The NLN.ON today represents more than 1000 leaders in health care leadership.

Advocating for Nurse Leaders

A key role for the Nursing Leadership Network is to advocate on behalf of, and be the voice for, nurse leaders and administrators at all levels. The NLN.ON speaks on a regular basis with the RNAO identifying issues concerning the challenges faced by our membership in an increasingly complex world.

NLN.ON is working to:

  • Advocate for nurse leaders at all levels
  • Consult with our colleagues in other health care sectors
  • Encourage leadership development
  • Profile and celebrate nurse leaders and mentors
  • Provide a forum for discussion and debate.


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Nursing Leadership Network of Ontario (NLN.ON)

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